2023-Wildlife survives despite the wind & rain

2023 was an abysmal year for undertaking wildlife checks in the latter months. These checks were required to be undertaken on dry days but the weather proved to be so changeable that they couldn’t be planned very far ahead. Dry windows suddenly emerged in a persistently wet forecast and arrangements to undertake them had to […]

2023 was an ‘owling success’

Every year we visit all our barn owl boxes at least twice in a year. The first to clean out and maintain each box and the second to return in the breeding season to check whether any owls have produced eggs or young in them. The first visit is undertaken in the winter months in […]

2023 brings a whirlwind of nature activities.

From the start of each year the work activities always progressively increase in intensity for The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group. 2023 has been no exception. Each activity broadens in scope as we achieve increasing success with each project. We readily embrace the increased work effort when we witness the gains being made for both […]

A talk on Swifts

The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group is supporting a talk by Hurst ReThink group by Edward Mayer of Swift Conservation UK entitled¬† ‘Swifts and our local Biodiversity’. It is to be held in the New Inn, Hurstpierpoint High Street on Wednesday, 14th June at 7pm. We actively support any event promoting the interests of wildlife […]